Man: The Husband and the Father by Victor Okocha

MAN: The Husband and the Father

by Victor Okocha


MAN operates in three fronts. Firstly, as the Manager of God's resources. Secondly, as an Associate to his wife. And thirdly, as a Necessity to his children.


From the beginning, God created man and gave him an enormous responsibility; that of tending the garden. This is purely a managerial responsibility. So, as far as God is concerned, man is the manager of all the resources found in the land, in the air, and in the waters. As a manager, man has been given the authority over the use of the resources at his disposal, provided he is judiciously using them to promote and actualize God's purpose. As a manager, man also has the duty of accountability; he must render an account to God on how he was able to utilize the resources in achieving the set objective.


Apart from having managerial responsibility over God's garden (the earth), man also has a managerial responsibility over his family, as God's representative. The family is God's design to establish continuity on the earth; and the larger society is actually an extension of the family. Thus, when the family is in disarray, the society is also in disarray. When the man of the family is either physically absent (by walking away) or is 'irresponsibly' present (by not playing his role), the society will be in shambles. When the man, who is the link between God and the family for the flow of virtue, turns away from God for whatever reason, he puts himself under immense stress, his family under intense pressure, and the entire society into perpetual confusion. Incidentally, these signs abound everywhere.


As a husband, man is an associate to his wife. An associate is a partner in progress. God made the woman out of the man. So, the woman is a natural extension of the man and she is required to walk and work with the man as a partner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the man assuming the position of a senior partner in his home because God actually made it so. After creation, God saw that the man was incomplete and unfulfilled all by himself so he made the woman to bring him completeness and fulfillment. Therefore, every man needs, as a wife, a woman who completes and compliments him and not the one who complains and competes with him as a rival. The man is more favored and more productive when he has a wife rather than a rival. A wife encourages but a rival frustrates. A wife understands but a rival destroys. We need wives and not wolves!


As a father, man is a necessity to his children. Most of the children that mature into adulthood without a 'father figure' often exhibit natural feeling of emptiness, bitterness and resentment which usually show up in their own homes when they marry, if not adequately addressed. The man is a mentor to his children. A mentor shares his experience with the people he is mentoring so that they do not need to fail before succeeding, loose before gaining, or die before living. The mentor holds you by the hand and leads you along the way you have never walked before. The mentor sees the potentials in you even when you cannot see anything else but pitfalls.  As a mentor, the father represents strength, courage, hope, patience and, most of all, integrity. The women that I know who play the mentor role in our society are simply extra-ordinary, and their children exemplary. As a mentor, the father expects his children to obey him, observe him, and believe in his leadership, The generational blessing, which our children need, can only come from a good father to the child who understands the necessity of a father and the importance of his blessing.


A good husband loves his wife and partners with her for progress;

A  good father takes care of his children and mentors them to greatness;

A good man looks up to God for the grace to be both a good husband and a good father.


(Victor Okocha is a writer and teacher of God's word. He worships with Greater Victory Christian Ministries, Lorain, Ohio. He is the author of 'MANIFESTING FOR GLOBAL IMPACT;'  a book that is positively impacting lives around the world. A copy of this book can be obtained from, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Google, etc. For e-mail contacts:


Greater Victory - Home of Many MLK Events

Greater Victory Church became a focal point for Lorain County celebrations of Martin Luther King events. Events kicked off on Friday night with 100 Men of Lorain County hosting "Time to Wake Up from the Dream" community forum which included music, theater, poetry, a keynote speaker, and a panel discussion.

That was followed up the next morning by a breakfast and workshop on mentoring in Lorain County. 

On Sunday GV hosted a community wide event that included marching from Lorain's City Hall to the church where their was musical selection and an charging sermon.